What’s In It For Me? Does Your Direct Mail Campaign Answer This?

Getting the Best Response to Direct Mailings Every industry these days faces stiff competition. It’s crucial to utilize every available marketing channel to promote products and services to potential customers. Online strategies can be both complex and effective, but printed materials still provide a medium that can reach out to more consumers in a way […]

Digital or Offset lithography?

The two most common ways to print these days are digital and offset lithography. Digital printing (think sophisticated, hi-res copier) is a thermal process requiring the powdery toner to be heated to bond to the paper. Toners, not ink, are used to create a full pallet of color that approximate those possible with offset lithography, traditional […]

Do You Have A Print Marketing Strategy?

  PRINT STILL MATTERS Even though the common adage these days is that “print is dead,” print marketing remains a powerful tool for businesses to include in their marketing repertoire. Print marketing materials offer a variety of benefits to businesses, and these unique advantages can help your firm stand out in a crowded marketplace full […]

4 Reasons Print Still Matters to Businesses – It Starts With Branding

Businesses Stay in Business with Print and Branding Print does still matter to businesses. It is an agreed upon backup procedure for businesses that need and require a basic platform for perpetuation of their business and brand name. It acts as a support system for the physical everyday operation of a business through printed guidelines […]

Three Reasons Small Businesses Should Continue Marketing with Print

We live in an exciting time in the world of business. While just a few short decades ago we were primarily limited to our geographic region to market products and services, today we can make money while we sleep by utilizing the Internet and various other technological devices. While it’s important to keep up with […]

Four Benefits of Snail Mail

A lot of the talk around email versus snail mail presents it as an either/or proposition. Like everything in life, this debate does not have a clear winner and the answer generally starts with ‘it depends…’ Obviously, being in the print industry we are a bit biased towards snail mail – but that might be […]

Solutions – super size your banner!

We’ve seen some big banners around here, but this one topped the charts! RadioActive Electronics of Middlefield, Ohio specializes in wireless audio, video, theater and surveillance systems. How best to highlight that and get eye-catching attention at The Great Big Home & Garden Show at the massive I-X Center? How about a 19′ x 10′ […]

Debunking the Myths Surrounding the Print Industry

Debunking the Myths Surrounding the Print Industry Paper has been around for about 2000 years. Throughout this period, paper has firmly established itself as the most versatile and effective form of communication. Although digital technology has tried replacing paper in today’s world of communication, it has not succeeded. But there have been several rumors surrounding […]