Psychology of Color

color-wheelColor is a powerful psychological trigger. There’s a reason why kids cereal boxes are often orange, brides wear white, surgical scrubs are green, and roadsters are often red. There are some colors that are universally loved (blue is the favorite by far) and interestingly most people dislike the color orange.

When designing your marketing materials, color could make the difference between losing and gaining a customer – that’s how important it is! Here are a few basics:


Positive associations:
Love, warmth, excitement, passion, food

Negative association:
Danger, anger.


Positive associations:
Power, professionalism, trustworthiness, calmness

Negative associations:
Boredom, sadness


Positive associations:
Nature, life, money

Negative associations:
Decay, toxicity, illness


Positive associations:
Affordability, creativity, fun, youth

Negative association:
Lack of quality, cheap


Positive associations:
Royalty, luxurious, fantasy, dreams

Negative associations:
Nightmare, craziness

Since colors have both negative and positive associations, it’s not about avoiding colors but using them wisely in a way that will allow your message to have the most powerful positive impact. And, of course, you want to use more than one color if possible to get the most impact.

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