Make Your Business Card Work for YOU

business-card-guyWhy a Business Card is More Than Just a Business Card

On the surface, a business card provides you with a fast and convenient way to provide your contact information to potential clients, colleagues, and others you meet over the course of a day. However, business cards can also provide you with much more than this basic function. Let’s take a closer look.

Add a QR Code

A QR Code – or quick response code – is the (usually) square grid of different sized squares you’ll see on advertisements and billboards. It is increasingly common for business professionals to add a QR code to the back of a business card. The QR code is scannable by your phone with a special app. Embedded into the QR code is the location you want the scanner to be taken – whether it’s your website, a particular page on the site, a potential purchase, a PDF, your contact information, a video, and more.

This is a fast and easy way to turn a little business card into an extraordinary opportunity to tell customers and clients about your business activities.

Think About the Paper

There are so many paper options available, you’ll do well to give this some consideration. There is nothing wrong with the generally used coated card stock, and there is definitely an argument to use it in some instances. However, the sense of touch is very powerful and can add a lot to your message. Explore different weights and textures. Some textures work better on digital machines and some better on offset. Heavier card stock – or sometimes even more than one piece sandwiched together – can add a lot of legitimacy to your business and also make it harder for people to ignore or discard.

Get Graphic!

Don’t be afraid to let your card be an expression of who you are and what your business stands for. There are some protocols to stay within for certain industries – you won’t be seeing a corporate lawyer with anything too wild and crazy, it just doesn’t befit the industry – but there is a lot of room for creative expression, color, design, fonts, etc. You want to be easily recognizable and remembered – while staying connected to your branding and your message.

Include a Link to Your Website

It’s common practice to add a website on a business card. This allows you to pass along additional contact information, a location map and driving directions to get to your place of business, a link to your email address or other ways to contact you, a full write-up of your products and services and much more. Your website may be a complete portal to your company, and the more comprehensive the website is, the more important it is to include a link to your website on the business card.

Your Own Image

It might make you a bit uncomfortable initially, but adding your own image to your card can make you more recognizable and make your clients feel more connected to you. This is a great way to humanize you and add a charming touch of personalization to your cards.

As you can see, a business card that is well-thought-out may be much more than a basic business card that transfers contact information to another person. By putting a bit of thought, creativity, and possibly pushing through your comfort zone, you can more easily maximize the benefit that your business card can provide.

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