Benefits of Branded Apparel

porath-fleeceBranded apparel can be as simple as your company name embroidered on a dress shirt and as complex as a full color logo, graphics, and text printed from seam to seam. It’s a great marketing tool that is advertising your company while not being interpreted as advertising. People see it, it has a positive psychological effect on their perception of your company, and it reinforces your brand. At the same time, your employees feel more connected to your company and see themselves as brand ambassadors and experts in the field. Every company and organization can benefit from branded apparel. Here are a few reasons you might want to order them for your business or organization.

Corporate Culture

Branded apparel gives a sense of community among employees. It establishes a corporate dress code that is professional and comfortable. Often the apparel can be a bit more casual, as the uniformity adds a bit more formality. The sense of community can positively effect employees’ sense of pride in their company, leading to a better work ethic and higher job satisfaction.

Branded apparel is effective outside of the work environment as well. Every time your business’ name and branding is seen it reinforces your place in people’s minds and increases your legitimacy. Fun and comfortable shirts and baseball caps will encourage your employees to passively promote your business by wearing them on the weekend and at local events.

It may be that branded apparel is not what you want on a daily basis in your company – instead you may want to designate certain days as ‘wear to work’ days. They are also perfect to promote special events your company is participating in or sponsoring – groundbreakings, fun runs, charity events, anniversaries, etc.

Corporate Image

Customers tend to associate employees wearing branded apparel with large, well-established businesses. It gives them a sense of confidence and security in their decision to use your services. People associate branded items with higher quality – and wearing branded apparel taps into that psychology.

Customers also see employees wearing branded apparel as more authoritative and have more confidence in their expertise. And wearing that branded apparel may give your employees a stronger sense of confidence in their own expertise and may increase their dedication to providing excellent customer service as they see themselves as a company ambassador.

Customers like getting special gifts, and branded apparel is always a favorite. Let your customers be your brand ambassadors! Depending on your company, you can also have your branded apparel for sale – and if you are an organization, having branded apparel for sale can be a great fundraiser.

There are literally hundreds of different styles of corporate apparel available – shirts, tanks, oxfords, fleece, jackets, pants, hats, and more – in different materials and colors. There is one that is right for your business, whether your employees wear them every day or only occasionally. The benefit to your company will be positive.

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