What’s In It For Me? Does Your Direct Mail Campaign Answer This?

Targeted mailingGetting the Best Response to Direct Mailings

Every industry these days faces stiff competition. It’s crucial to utilize every available marketing channel to promote products and services to potential customers. Online strategies can be both complex and effective, but printed materials still provide a medium that can reach out to more consumers in a way that’s easier to understand and appreciate. Here are some important tactics to ensure you get the most from your direct mail campaigns.

Targeted customers

You need to know who your market is and how to engage them with your message. Your targeted customers will be those most likely to respond to your message. This increases your chances of a response while minimizing wasted time and materials. Your best prospects are past customers who are familiar with your company and product. But it’s vital to reach out to new prospects. Doing this with the most efficiency requires building up a demographic profile or persona of who your ideal customer is and matching prospects with this profile. This requires gathering data through feedback and prior sales into a database where it can be organized to reveal consistent customer traits. You can then get direct mailing lists that target each of your specific customer types.

Professional quality

Quality printing and distribution systems are important. Professional-looking materials are memorable and create interest and trust. It’s also important to your brand to use your logo and colors consistently so consumers will become familiar and comfortable with it. Depending on your needs, you will want a variety of formats, such as booklets, brochures, flyers, envelopes, and more. More permanent and eye-catching designs might include printed magnets, pop-up displays, ad specialties, and posters.

Meaningful messages

How you present your message is important in any ad copy, particularly direct mailing. You want to capture your reader’s attention at a glance, keep them interested in the material, and convey the product’s value to them. Be sure to have a clear offer and call to action, so they aren’t guessing as to what this mailing is all about. Design your message to reflect the interests and concerns of your target market. Females 20 to 30 will have very different lifestyle habits and interests than males 45 to 55. Incorporate images and topics that are popular with the target market segment.

Direct mail campaigns can employ postcards, newsletters, catalogues, and more. The design options are basically unlimited and should be given serious consideration. Every piece of mail should be designed to draw the interest of new customers. The best offer won’t mean a thing without being packaged in an eye-catching, graphically interesting and easily understandable format. There are so many things you can do with print to add more interest – different folds, finishes, textures, shapes, graphics, just to name a few.

If you’re looking for optimal results from your next mailing campaign, all these elements need to be a part of planning and executing it.

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