5 Proven Ways to Stay Front and Center

telephones-stringThe world of commerce is shrinking every day. No longer are your customers or employees only people who live in your town. Now they’re all over the country and the globe. Your sales manager may be in Des Moines, your assistant in Phoenix, and your Web designer in the Philippines. Staying in front of your team and your clients can be a challenge. There is, however, a wealth of technology that will help you to remain front and center.

Video Conferencing

There are several popular sites that allow video conferencing on the internet. These sites allow you to chat in real time, using your webcam to have a real, face to face conversation. Applications like Google Hangouts let you conduct conferences with multiple people simultaneously. Video conferencing is one of the best ways to add a human presence to your interactions and collaborate in real time. This is an excellent way to connect to your clients and reassure them that they are working with real people.

Screen Sharing

Another way to stay in front of your client when not physically there is through screen sharing. Perhaps you want to show your client how to use your software. Or you may want to show them a mockup of the design you have created. Screen sharing allows you to share data while you engage in a phone conversation. This allows them to move step by step through your information and ask questions in real time. Screen sharing is great for working with one or multiple clients. Most screen sharing services are low cost, making them both convenient and cost effective.

Live Chat

Although they won’t be able to see your face or your screen, your clients can talk to you in real time through chat. With a live chat widget on your site, you can provide a transparent way for your clients to ask questions, give feedback, and become more engaged with your product. Live chat is a great time saver as well. Instead of sending emails back and forth all day, you can simply answer the question and move on. Clients like this because they get the answers they need quickly so that they can make the right decisions. Many companies are finding that live chat services provide an excellent solution to customer service and allow them to interact with their clients in an effective way.

Specialty Printed Products

Have you ever had a magnet stuck on your refrigerator with the name of a plumber or a locksmith? It’s likely that you ignored it for the most part. That is, until you needed that service. Then you knew right where to look and who to call. This is a great way to stay in front of your clients. Branded products that your clients will see every day—keychains, mugs, calendars, magnets—are a great way to make your name stick in their mind. You can even use specially printed folders like Tab Talker™ to make your company’s name stand out in their file drawer. Reinforcing your brand’s name in their minds as part of their regular routine is one of the best ways to stay front and center with your client.

When it comes to keeping your company’s name fresh in your clients’ minds, there are many solutions that work. A weekly check-in, a video chat, or a pre-printed folder can make all of the difference in building brand loyalty. Your clients are bombarded with information each day, so staying relevant and current is a challenge. Get creative and enjoy increased loyalty and sales for the life of your business.

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