4 Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Donation Campaign

p_fundraisers1How to Run a Successful Donation Campaign

On the surface, starting and running a donation campaign sounds rather simple. However, most of those who have run successful donation campaigns will tell you it is anything but easy. Developing a solid plan for running a successful donation campaign takes time, and there are multiple steps involved in pre-campaign planning. Four key steps to building a successful donation campaign include having a campaign brand that stands out, putting out a brief but urgent call to action, acquiring and utilizing physical campaign tools (such as donation cards and informational brochures), and putting your mission into a visual format.

Have your brand stand out

Your campaign brand should visually be front and center on all campaign tools and items. Any logo you use should be bright and creative enough to catch the eye of someone unfamiliar with your campaign. Your branding should be consistent with and reflective of your campaign’s mission and goals.

Establish a concise and urgent call to action

Your donation campaign’s call to action should be tightly-worded and establish a sense of urgency. With a relatively short timeline for meeting your donation campaign’s goals, you will be less at risk for losing momentum. Also, those who are wishing to contribute will not feel as though they are justified in putting off doing so.

This call can be put out through a variety of mediums (for example, donation packets, posters, videos, and websites) but should always get straight to the point. Describe your goals and how you intend to meet them, and be sure to list any relevant research data and statistics that support your cause’s necessity.

Utilize donation cards and informational brochures

Do not merely rely on word-of-mouth or even online campaigning websites to garner donations. Your donation campaign toolbox should include tangible, readable items, such as informational brochures detailing your mission and time-frame goals as well as donation cards, invitation cards, and envelopes. These should all reflect your brand and provide ways for donors to contact you.

Make your vision visual

Here is where you can best unleash your creativity when seeking donations. Your campaign should be visual. Create unique posters that aesthetically describe your call to action, and also consider producing a short video that carries your message. In these advertising mediums, you can create emotional connections with your audience to establish why, and not merely how, they should consider donating to your cause. Images leave lasting impressions, and your campaign’s story, though emotionally-based, should reflect positive outcomes.

While running a successful donation campaign is not exactly easy, with proper planning and tools, a campaign can be much more effective. A little creative ingenuity, as well as time and goal management, can go a long way in demonstrating the importance of your campaign’s mission and how and why people should donate to it.

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