Your Businesses Printing Partner

social-media-coffee-cup2The single biggest mistake startup companies make is failing to maintain sufficient cash flow. However, an often unrecognized villain in this mix is failure to restrain overhead expenses.

In other words, spending too much on the wrong things can cut your business off at the knees. But the good news is, spending just enough on the right things can help you compete successfully to grow your business!

Your printing partner can help! Here are five ways print management services can help you achieve your business goals.

Achieve and Maintain Consistency in Print Marketing

With so many avenues (online and offline) to promote and market a business today, consistency is a key aspect of developing brand loyalty and trust.

No matter where you promote and market your products or services, you want customers to quickly recognize your logo and brand. This can only happen when all of your marketing materials are consistent.

By working with a print management company, you won’t have to order test prints every time you run a new job. You won’t worry that your colors won’t look right or your logo will be distorted. By running all your print marketing with one vendor, you will achieve consistency in your marketing materials that produces greater brand trust and loyalty.


Print marketing has gotten a bad rap as unsustainable when compared to digital marketing. But no one stops to consider all the fossil fuels it takes to keep all those internet servers up and running.

When you work with a U.S.A.-based print management company like Porath Business Services, you are working with sustainable print marketing! In fact, out of the 4 million trees planted daily in the U.S.A., 1.7 million of those trees are planted by the print industry itself.

In other words, you CAN use print marketing without harming your company’s reputation as a sustainable business. In fact, by choosing the right print management company to work with, print marketing can even improve your commitment to sustainable business practices.

Strategize Print Marketing for Special Events

One of the perks of choosing a dedicated print management company like Porath Business Services is that you have a marketing partner to brainstorm with when you are planning marketing for special events.

You can have your logo, website, and slogan imprinted on any number of specialty items and all it takes is a quick phone call or email to place your order, because your print marketing partner already has all of your materials and color notes on site.

Support Both Print and Digital-Based Branding Efforts

Today’s print management vendors do more than just print business cards or postcards.

With a full range of design, editing, and production services to offer, your print partner can help you develop your unique brand and logo from scratch for digital and print use.

Make Marketing Your Business Fun Again!

In addition to staple print marketing materials such as business cards, post cards, brochures, flyers, and letterhead, today’s printing technology can brand all kinds of fun and affordable novelty items with your logo and website.

You can create custom branded decals, posters, magnets, door hangers, invitations, newsletters and even checks that make marketing your business in person fun again.

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