3 Ways to Get Clients to Remember You

Getting clients is a crucial part of your success in business, but it’s only half the battle. One often overlooked aspect of business is making yourself memorable to clients, so they become repeat customers and even refer people to you. Although getting people to remember you and your business is no small feat, there are a few simple methods that can set you apart.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different

It’s always easier to join the crowd than to be bold and different, but no one remembers all the faces in the crowd. If your business is similar to five other businesses, clients have no reason to remember you. You have to find a unique quality that only your business has. That could be something as simple as going into a crowded marketplace and offering a higher end product for a higher price. Then, your business isn’t one of many, it’s the one with the more expensive product. While that may seem bad, people naturally perceive higher-priced items as more valuable. Since your business is the only one offering a high-end product, the people who want that have to come to you.

  1. Put Your Brand Everywhere

The more people see your business’s name and logo, the more they think of it. That’s why companies spend millions just to have their products featured in movies or television shows. It makes viewers subconsciously think of the product. Even if you don’t have a huge advertising budget, you can still spread your brand with customized products that your clients can use. You can have pens made with your company information on them, and include those as freebies to your clients. You could include a TabTalker when sending documents to a client, so they have a file folder they can use which also reminds them of your company every time they see it. The most beneficial part of branding products like this is that if your clients pass these items on later, future owners see your business’s information.

  1. Follow Up with Clients

Get some type of contact information from your clients, and follow up with them periodically. This is another way of keeping your business on the minds of your clients. It usually takes multiple interactions for people to remember another person, and the same is true when it comes to remembering businesses. For the best results, make your follow up communications with clients as personalized as possible. You could ask a client how the product they chose is working for them, or mention a sale you’re running on a product of interest to them. A personal touch makes clients feel special and appreciated, which in turn makes them more likely to remember you.

It’s not that difficult to get clients to remember you, it just takes a little effort. As you make yourself and your business more memorable to clients, it becomes a habit, and you can expect more and more clients to come back.

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