How Fonts and Color Affect Packaging

We’ve talked about how important paying attention to your packaging can be in influencing your customer’s buying decisions. Here are a few things to pay attention to:

Fonts and Typography. There are two things to pay attention to here. The readability of your font and the personality of your font. The personality of your font?! Yes. Think about it – would you buy an expensive computer component that used a curly fun font? Of course not! Fonts have ‘personalities’ and messages they put out even before anyone reads what they are saying. Elegant, serious, fun, delicate, aloof, strong, casual, formal, and more. So think about the message you want your fonts to be conveying.

Make sure your font is readable. Some fonts are best as text, others may be better as headers. Some fonts are so intricate that they are best left for wedding invitations – and perhaps only the name of the bride and groom at that!

The same goes for the actual typography – what is being emphasized, the placement of words, the use of capitalization, different sized fonts. All of these things work together to convey a message.

Color. Color is a science in an of itself. Some quick examples include: Red adds energy and urgency, bright colors give a less serious tone, white is clean and simple, blues convey calm and trust, black is heavy and powerful, green often is tied to eco-friendly, yellow is happy, orange is creative, purple is luxurious, and the list can go on and on. These same colors can also work against you if they are not conveying the message you are after.

Make sure you have a handle on your audience and what speaks to them. You also want to have a good sense of what is appealing about your product and what will best represent it to the audience you are after. Let’s take the example of makeup – depending on the audience you are targeting, you might concentrate on pinks for young women, green for eco-concious consumers, metallic and purple for the more distinguished crowd, and orange for the fun loving creatives.

Color is also important as a way to unify your products and communications. Given that the average consumer spends about 4 seconds looking at a product on the shelf, you want them to be able to identify your products quickly. The way to do that is to be consistent in your use of color and fonts and typography. It’s important to distinguish yourself from your competitors, but you don’t want to distinguish yourself from yourself. Your customers will thank you for making their job of identifying your products easier with increased sales.

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