We’ve got a new look!

We gave our logo a makeover!


As with anything design related, fashions change and what was once fresh and new becomes worn and “tired.” Our customers have used words like creative, problem-solvers, results-oriented, go the extra mile, do things others won’t, customer comes first, and innovative to describe their experience at Porath. We wanted to capture the dynamic feeling we felt when we read those words. We hope you agree that we did!

We wanted our logo to reflect our company and our mission. As some of you know and others may imagine, to rebrand is not a simple process. Our process started with a brainstorming session. We threw out ideas of the feeling we wanted people to have when they looked at the logo. We wanted it to feel modern, strong, full of color and possibility, and to have a sense of movement. We think it looks cool all on it’s own on a white surface and also looks great reversed out on a black background!

You’ll notice that the name has changed as well. In our old logo, ‘Porath’ was in the background. For the new logo, we brought it front and center. We decided to drop ‘Print Source’ and replace it with ‘Business Services,’ which actually has been our legal name all along.

Why ‘Business Services,’ you might ask? Aren’t we printers? Yes, absolutely!!! But we are also so much more. Just as logos need to change to reflect the times, industries also need to change to fit the needs of the times. Over time, we have shifted from simply being printers to actively partnering in your project from beginning to end, including content, signage, and fulfillment. We bring the breadth of our years of printing and mailing experience to every project, with guidance and input to help your business or organization soar. We are the answer to your marketing, communication, and promotional needs.

Give us a call at 216-626-0060. You’ll be glad you did!

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