Don’t Believe the Hype – Why You Still Need Direct Mail Marketing

mailbox-directmailModern marketers often tout the benefits of digital marketing. Some even claim that direct mail marketing is a useless thing of the past. Digital marketing has a place, but with today’s consumers increasingly discounting email marketing as unwanted noise, direct mail is still a valuable part of a well-rounded marketing plan.

Postal mailboxes have no “Spam” filters or “Promotions” tabs:

Email filters can capture messages before they ever reach your intended recipient. Spam filters are not infallible; they sometimes mistakenly intercept messages your target consumer wants to receive. Postal mail, on the other hand, does not have this problem. Mailboxes have no spam filters, so you can be sure that your message gets in front of a potential customer every time.

The expected has become the unexpected:

The average modern consumer is bombarded with numerous marketing messages every day. He or she is used to scanning their email subject lines and discarding many messages as spam without ever opening them. In the past, people did the same thing with junk mail. But because so many marketers are now focusing their efforts on digital marketing, there has been a drop in the number of direct mail pieces consumers are receiving. As a result, they are paying more attention to the contents of their physical mail box. They’re used to being sold to via email. By sending your marketing message in a less expected way, you have a better chance of grabbing your target consumer’s attention.

Everyone gets mail but not everyone gets online:

The moment you hit send on your email marketing campaign, you limit your reach. Digital marketing messages only gets in front of the online segment. Because almost everyone gets postal mail, direct mail marketing reaches a larger population. This can be especially important for products and services targeted to certain demographic groups, such as older consumers.

Direct mail adds a personal element that’s tough to duplicate through digital media:

Trust is an essential part of making sales. Digital marketing messages can feel anonymous, making it harder for the consumer to develop a sense of trust in the sender. There’s something about holding a letter that feels personal. The personalized nature of direct mail helps the target consumer trust the sender and favorably respond to the call to action. To craft a powerful sales message you must make the recipient feel like you’re speaking directly to him or her. This is best accomplished through direct mail.

It’s easier to make direct mail pieces stand out:

When your potential customer opens their email, all the emails tend to look similar. The subject lines are the main differentiating factor, leaving you with very little means to stand out from the crowd… and that’s only if your email made it past the spam filter. Direct mail allows you many ways to make your piece stand out and grab the recipient’s attention, raising the chances your message will be read. At Porath Print Source we have many ideas to get your mail piece noticed – just ask!

Summing it up:

It’s easy to see why direct mail marketing belongs in your marketing plan. An intelligent marketing strategy uses a variety of channels to put the right message in front of the right person, at the right time. Direct mail marketing is a powerful tool to help your business accomplish that goal.

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