Do You Have A Print Marketing Strategy?



Even though the common adage these days is that “print is dead,” print marketing remains a powerful tool for businesses to include in their marketing repertoire. Print marketing materials offer a variety of benefits to businesses, and these unique advantages can help your firm stand out in a crowded marketplace full of pop-up ads and thinly veiled promotional blog posts.


The nature of the Internet and online marketing operations can be overwhelming for consumers. When searching for a product or service online, customers can get trapped in search engines and digital limbo. By now, we have learned to instantly close popups and avert our gaze from digital banner advertisements. The message is clear; people are sick of seeing online advertisements. At this time, the printed advertisement might be the most powerful option.


While it can be incredibly difficult to get influential people to participate in an online interview, and this should be enough to impress an audience, the lasting impact of a printed story with images and compelling graphics still holds more weight in people’s minds. It has a legitimacy that can’t easily be replicated by a blog post or a tweet.


Due to the current saturation of push notifications, constant email advertisements and popups, many younger people are embracing the idea of using less technology and spending less time online. Additionally, older people are less likely to be computer savvy and thus aren’t likely to see online ads either. In this over-exposed digital marketplace, many people are simply deciding to unplug and declutter their lives.


With this recent shift in attitudes and consumer sentiment, print advertising might be the most effective way to stand out from your competition. Companies sending a direct mail piece to their customer list or to a targeted list are more likely to reach interested customers and potential customers. There is a lower cost associated with reaching current customers, and these customers are already familiar with your brand. Consumers love high-quality original content, and this content becomes even more valuable in print form. A collection of editorials, opinions and essays can be a way to establish your brand as an authority on the subject matter, which will set you apart from your competition. Consider adding print media to your strategy, and you might be surprised by the results.

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