Solutions: Member book

Now some people might think that in the age of smart phones and digital address books there is no need for a printed member book, but they serve a much larger function than just supplying addresses. There is a lot of research that physical print makes an emotional connection in ways that digital simply cannot. The tactile experience of a beautifully put together member book combined with the branding of your colors, logo, and message will do more to connect your members to your organization than any other option. And, of course, you won’t want to stop with just the names and addresses – it’s also an opportunity to supply other necessary and supplementary information.

A member book, like this striking example, will stand out on your members’ desks – bringing positive attention to your organization and ready to be flipped through at a moment’s notice. In fact, we dare you to try a competition between looking someone up in a member book and finding them on your smart phone. You might be surprised – and you might be pleasantly surprised by the positive feelings that flood through you as you flip through the book.

Give us a call to get yours started!

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