Provoking Curiosity with Printed Media – Print and Digital Team Work

Provoking_Curiosity_with_Printed_MediaPrint and Digital Marketing Attract Consumers

Marketing experts are rethinking the shift to digital and social media in attracting business. Wholly digitized marketing campaigns have problems in gathering analytic data to learn how to improve business strategies. When consumers think of purchasing a product or a service, they spend time surfing the web and use social media to search for products or services that interest them. Printed materials can capture the attention of consumers, raise awareness of a brand, and encourage consumers to visit a website to find out more details about the product.

In a 2014 survey conducted by the Nielsen company on retail sales, it was determined that 56% of consumers surveyed made major purchasing decisions after they had seen mailed print materials of the products. Social media and digital advertising work together with innovative print advertising to catch the attention of the consumer. Print mailings can be perused at the consumer’s leisure as well as considered when a decision about a product needs to be made.

Provoking_Curiosity_with_Printed_Media_2 (1)Combining Print and Digital Marketing

Cross-media marketing is a business strategy being considered by many companies utilizing print and digital marketing to inform consumers of available products and services. Variable printing is technology that allows personalization of graphics and images as they are being printed (for example, adding names and other information relevant to the person), ideal for direct marketing drives. Social media reaches many people in a short amount of time and can be used to direct traffic to the printed advertising; print media can direct traffic to websites. Rather than being in competition, the different approaches actually complement each other.

Porath Print Source

There are many companies that have started to notice the advantages of cross-media marketing and the benefits of using print materials. Many of our customers at Porath Print Source, a commercial printing company offering products and services relating to print marketing, are using this approach with much success. Our graphic designers are on board to customize all marketing products – including those that are using for digital marketing. Some examples of products that could enhance the business are:

  • Booklets that are suitable for directories, catalogs and instruction manuals
  • Brochures that can provide a quick reference guide
  • Business cards that are easy to hand out
  • Checks with fraud preventative features
  • Flyers to promote an upcoming event
  • Newsletters to update readers of the latest facts
  • Postcards, an easy way to share information

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