5 Reasons Your Nonprofit Needs a Brand

5_Reasons_Your_Nonprofit_Needs_a_Brand_2If you’re part of a nonprofit, you know the importance of fundraising. However, a nonprofit needs more than money to fulfill its mission. It needs to make its purpose and values clear to the public and create a positive image. To do that, a nonprofit needs a good brand. While branding can help make fundraising more successful, its benefits go far beyond bringing in more money. Here are five reasons why a nonprofit needs good branding.

1. Increase Awareness

Creating a brand for your nonprofit helps people learn about it and remember it. Your organization’s branding should be clearly visible on all your print media to help it become familiar and recognizable. Branding can include your logo, motto, colors, unique design, and message among other things. Distributing print products, such as cards or bookmarks, with your name and logo is a good way to build awareness. Brochures are excellent for explaining your organization’s mission in more detail. You can create and order custom print products for your organization at Donate My Share.

2. Build Trust and Emotional Connection

People are far more likely to trust a nonprofit if they are familiar with it. Branding builds familiarity by letting people know the good things your organization does. For a stronger emotional connection, you can tell stories about people your nonprofit has helped or about other things it has accomplished. Because stories are more memorable and moving than facts, they make excellent content for your nonprofit’s brochures.

3. Make Your Nonprofit Distinct

There are probably nonprofits similar to yours in your area. Nevertheless, yours is unique. Branding tells your audience just what is unique about your nonprofit. Stories about your organization’s accomplishments help distinguish it from others. Putting your name and logo on all your media with consistent colors and themes, including business cards and stationary, also contributes to your unique and unified message.

4. Control Your Image

If your nonprofit doesn’t manage its own public image, its image will come entirely from what others say about it. Some people may give others a negative impression of your nonprofit because they don’t like it or don’t understand it. Even well-intentioned people may unintentionally misrepresent your mission or leave out important aspects of it. Managing your image involves getting the message out about what you are doing – always accompanied by your logo, motto, colors and unified design. Good branding enables you to get your nonprofit’s real message out to the public and allows your supporters to easily be brand messengers, rippling the message to their networks and beyond. Furthermore, showing people the good things your nonprofit does helps them see it as a positive influence, rather than another organization asking for their money.


5. Increase Participation

People are far more likely to donate to an organization, volunteer with it, attend its events, or seek its services if they’re familiar with that organization and feel they can trust it. They’re even more likely to participate if they feel an emotional connection to the nonprofit. Once your organization has built trust and emotional connection with people through good branding, you can use that connection to give them opportunities. You can put your name and logo on brochures outlining volunteer opportunities and on cards or flyers announcing special events so people will recognize the information as coming from an organization they trust.

Print Media with Your Nonprofit’s Brand

To increase awareness, trust, and participation, your nonprofit needs print media that carries its branding. One good place to get custom print media is Donate My Share (www.donatemyshare.com), where customers can upload their organization’s logos and photographs to create business cards, stationery, donation envelopes, brochures, and other forms of print media with their nonprofit’s branding.

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