3 Ways That Print Media Enhances Your Corporate Social Responsibility Program

3_Ways_That_Print_Media_Enhances1 – How Paper Products Became More Responsible

Not so long ago, Americans wasted enormous quantities of paper. Discarded picnic plates, letters, magazines, advertising inserts, newspapers and other material often crowded landfills. Fortunately, with campaigns to promote responsible use and recycling, individuals and companies have grown more socially responsible in their use of paper goods.

Now, paper recycling has nearly doubled. A used newspaper which once slowly decayed in the ground today often heads instead to a recycling center, where the material undergoes a reincarnation of sorts into new paper products. The Funny Pages of today become the paper towels of tomorrow.

2 – Recycling and Responsible Business Paper Use

Many companies have also worked diligently to reduce the flow of printed material through their business. Wood fills many purposes, and some believe that using timber for building homes or furniture represents a more responsible use than grinding logs into pulp for paper pulp. Especially in an “Information Age” of high volume communications, some excellent alternatives exist, e.g. sharing digital data.

If your company takes steps (1) to reduce unnecessary paper waste, (2) to rely upon alternative computerized communications to the fullest extent possible, and (3) to make certain that every paper you use fulfills an important purpose, you’ve done a lot to promote responsible conservation of natural resources.

3 – Making Certain Every Piece of Paper Counts

Can most businesses completely eliminate the need to use paper? Realistically, no. At some level, even companies that have made significant investments in computer technology and online communications do use paper in daily life and work. The key to this process involves ensuring that every paper counts.

The paper industry is very conservation based – lucky for us! Vast forests are planted, protected, and cultivated by the paper industry every year to ensure there will be resources available for paper production into the future – with the byproduct that we can enjoy cleaner air and more green space.

Likewise, the paper industry is very encouraging of recycling initiatives to extend the life of these natural resources. Being environmentally responsible does not mean to stop paper use – in part because the alternatives (digital devices) are not particularly environmentally friendly. Instead, it is being wise and each one of us doing our part to ensure and promote sustainable living. By making an effort to promote the responsible use of resources to leave the planet a better place for future generations, companies in the United States and around the world can maintain a higher ethic of social responsibility.

To ensure that every piece of paper counts, you want to work with an experienced graphic designer and printer that are partners in the process. They can guide you to the best use of paper and design with the highest impact.

Some Practical Considerations

A business manager can infuse a sustainable ethic into a corporate culture at a very practical level. For many, paper is a business necessity because, unlike online resources, print doesn’t lend itself to easy alteration. For example, how many people would trust a purely online real estate or insurance contract? Or rely upon an auto lease agreement or a building inspection report confined to a tablet? Many government agencies and jurisdictions still require documents printed on paper.

Additionally, print advertising is a very effective marketing tool. Many companies that switched the bulk of their marketing to social media and internet advertising are rethinking that policy and trending back to print as part of a cross-media marketing strategy. Using recycled paper is one option. Creative approaches to graphics and use of color is important to making sure that you are getting the best result from your print product.

An Illustration

If you have printed documents and information that you want your customers to hold onto and easily access, we have a great solution. The innovative TabTalker™ is a presentation folder with a unique design to help your customer file and retrieve the materials you give them more easily. There is less likelihood of their throwing the documents away – resulting in less waste and more opportunities for your name to stay top of mind!

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