Three Reasons Small Businesses Should Continue Marketing with Print

Three_Reasons_Small_BusinessesWe live in an exciting time in the world of business. While just a few short decades ago we were primarily limited to our geographic region to market products and services, today we can make money while we sleep by utilizing the Internet and various other technological devices. While it’s important to keep up with all the changes, there’s a key piece you want to remember that will help you achieve maximum success no matter your industry. The print industry still has a lot to offer, and there are three reasons you should not eliminate this option from your marketing budget.

1. Gain Customer Focus

Research is showing that attention spans are quickly shrinking. After all, with so much information at our fingertips, we want to find relevant information quickly. However, this is also what often leads to having six tabs open on your computer while you simultaneously have a text conversation with your boss while checking the score for yesterday’s big game.

By utilizing printed material, you get the unique chance to capture the focus we all too often lack. When your material falls into the right hands at the right time, you get the advantage of being able to effectively market your products or services without your reader becoming distracted by the many other things going on in their online life.

2. Easy-to-Find Offers That Last

Social media has taken the world by storm, and there is benefit to ensuring your business maintains a strong presence. However, how often have you heard about a great deal online but were unable to locate it for future reference? When customers are armed with a printed copy of what you have to offer, it’s easy for them to keep track of. Best of all, it serves as a constant reminder that they should check out what you’re putting out there.

There are also purchases that take time and consideration before making the final decision to make the transaction, and this is a situation where printed materials are especially helpful. Customers making these choices often seek out further information from trusted friends and family, and the convenience of a brochure or leaflet can make this easier for them to share and decide.

3. Bridging the Online and Offline Worlds

A common mistake a growing number of businesses are running into is the creation of a gap between their online and offline worlds. The trouble is that not everyone is on board with current technology, and others need additional attention. These potential customers still value printed options, and they have proven to be some of the most loyal customers you will have. By failing to understand and meet their needs, you could be costing your company an entire demographic. Consider complementing your online marketing efforts with a printed alternative. Even Millennials are indicating that they prefer print and research shows that online purchases increase if the customer has received a print catalog.

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

While advancements in technology have opened up exciting new avenues for motivated entrepreneurs to take advantage of, the fact remains that it also makes the competition stiffer than ever. Most companies are focused on advancing with the times, and this has caused them to lose sight of some of the techniques that never stopped producing results. The print industry has a variety of ways to benefit your company. By understanding the various ways you can help promote your small business and truly make your mark in the industry, these three examples are a great place to start taking your marketing to the next level.

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