4 Reasons Print Still Matters to Businesses – It Starts With Branding

5_Reasons_Print_Still_MattersBusinesses Stay in Business with Print and Branding

Print does still matter to businesses. It is an agreed upon backup procedure for businesses that need and require a basic platform for perpetuation of their business and brand name. It acts as a support system for the physical everyday operation of a business through printed guidelines and materials that run parallel with the goals and objectives of a branded business.

There are reasons why print does still matter to businesses and we list four below:

1. Print offers a Concrete Option

When looking at and interacting with electronic devices, such as computers, smartphones, or tablet PCs, the experience of touching and interfacing with these types of devices cannot compare to the aesthetics of picking up, touching, and reading a printed brochure, business card, or promotional postcard. Businesses want their employees, clients and customers to be able to hold something in their hands and get the look and feel of the item. Technology simply cannot compare to the hands-on feeling that printed materials provide. The tactile experience of holding the printed material aids memory formation.

2. Print is Processed Differently

Our brains have not yet caught up with all of the new technology and still process information best through print as opposed to electronic devices. A number of studies indicate that information is better retained when it is accessed through print, as focus is more intense, reading comprehension and retention of subject matter is greater and material is gone through quickly. The same is true for printed advertising compared to online ads. Though online ads can reach millions of people at a lower cost, the quality and effectiveness of actual printed material outweighs online ads. People remember what they have touched and read. It may seem like a better economic choice – but not if it is not giving you the results that you want.

3. Resource Materials

Printed materials are invaluable resources to a business. They are the tools needed to communicate a business brand and its reasons for doing business. A company has to represent itself to others and communicate that it has information (other than through an internet website) that can be passed on to others. General knowledge is transferred in a personal, professional and positive manner. Anyone working for, or representing a business, needs printed resources to conduct business. Business resource materials send a message that says, we have an established business and brand that may be of interest to you, and we’re ready to convey that through a quality printed source.

4. Your Brand in Print

A brand is the essence of a business, characterizes a company, and is the focal point of business promotion. It is best highlighted through quality print resources. Differences are made with a recognizable brand and when a brand is marketed in a bold way, it can stand apart from competitors. Obviously, a brand name should be affiliated with the company it represents, influence others and create a following. One way to promote those features is through a product like TabTalker, which was developed at Porath Print Source in Cleveland, Ohio. It is an innovative presentation folder that is helping businesses around the country and world distinguish themselves from their competitors. It is a presentation folder with a unique design that keeps information visible and easily accessible. It is sized to fit into a standard file drawer so your customers can easily store it – no more throwing your information into a pile! The presentation folder is designed to not only showcase your company and brand, but it provides contact information, safely houses resource materials in a professionally labeled package and provides for transfer of records.

Print is still a big part of marketing a business brand, and nearly every company whether large or small needs print materials to communicate their business message to their associates, customers and clients. Print resources allow for the marketing leverage needed to promote and showcase a business brand. The beauty of print is that it is there for the taking and can make a difference in establishing and promoting a brand with positive results.

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