It’s Election Season!

booklet-campaignThe primaries are behind us and now the marathon to November begins. Have you ever wondered how elections around the world compare to those in the US? We were curious!

The US has one of the longest election processes in the world. The longest election cycle in Canada was in 1926, coming in at a little over 10 weeks from dissolution of the government until voting day.  In France, the presidential campaign lasts about 2 weeks. In Argentina, election advertisements can begin 60 days before the election, with active campaigning starting 35 days before the election.

In Australia, voting is mandatory – and citizens are fined if they do not vote. Since this was instituted in the early 20th century, voter participation has never fallen below 90%. 21 other countries have mandatory voting including many Central and South American countries, Belgium, Egypt, Thailand, and Greece.

In Brazil, voting is on the weekends so people don’t have to miss school or work. Our Tuesday voting day was set up in the 19th century to allow people in horse drawn buggies to get back home before the Wednesday market day.

In Sweden as well as Argentina, Canada, Australia, France, and many other countries, voter registration is done automatically by the government, unlike the US where the responsibility is on the citizen. Generally in these countries voter registration is tied to receiving identity cards and registering for mandatory military service.

In Germany, parties are given 90 second commercial slots on the 2 public television stations. The amount of airtime they get depends on their performance in the last election and the size of their party.

With our election cycle and policies, we can look forward to seeing yard signs and campaign paraphernalia through the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Those of us in Cleveland will have a unique opportunity with the Republican Convention coming to our city in July.

At Porath, we have been helping candidates win elections for over 25 years. This year we are excited to have put together a 28-page brochure with helpful information on every step of the campaign process. Visit our website at to order a copy for your favorite candidate.

All of the products we provide for election candidates have non-election, business promoting use as well. Bumper stickers, yard signs, banners, brochures, mailings, postcards…we are here for all of your printing needs!

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