TabTalker™ – the presentation folder with a bit extra

We are super excited to highlight this solution – it’s our own invention!

What do people do with the important papers you give them? The answer often is ‘throw in a pile’ or ‘toss in the trash.’  Neither is what you want for your business or organization!

Now, you may say that you have that covered by giving the papers in a nice, branded presentation folder. The problem is that most presentation folders are too big to fit into a standard file drawer! So to avoid the pile or the trash, the recipient needs to find a manila folder, label it, empty the contents of your folder into it and put it in their file drawer. I’m tired just thinking about it!

Enter the TabTalker™. A presentation folder designed to fit a standard file drawer – with a unique tab with your name and contact information easily seen (and thus kept top of mind) each time the drawer is opened. As we say around here: “Out of the Pile…Into the File!”

There’s lots of room for personalizing and branding – helpful information, service contract dates, photos, your motto… Contact us and we’ll send you one to check out. Our first customer took one look and ordered 10,000! “It is one of the best investments I’ve made in my business!” is what we hear over and over.

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