Why You Should Send Out a Newsletter!

newsletter-frogWhether you are a business or a non-profit, sending out regular newsletters or updates to your circles – whether they be clients, customers, members, fans, congregants, supporters, etc – is a golden opportunity to keep connection, build your circles, and promote your offerings.

There is a lot of variation in newsletters. There is the basic differentiation of email and print, and beyond that, regarding design, the sky is the limit.  Here are a few ideas to create a newsletter that really works for you.

  • Consider an ‘out of the box’ design. Ideas include an over-sized postcard, a statement stuffer, newsprint, or a placemat.
  • Include articles, stories, and lists that are informative and fun – not necessarily connected to your message. Also consider brain teasers or other word or trivia games.
  • Highlight different aspects of your business or organization – making sure to touch on things people may not know about.
  • Add human interest stories – with accompanying photos. This will increase the sense of connection with your business or organization.
  • Add an “Ask the Expert” column where readers can submit questions to an industry expert.
  • Include a call to action – to contact for more information, redeem a coupon, or learn more about a product.
  • Create an archive of previous newsletters on your website.
  • Ask your current subscribers for help sharing the newsletter – possibly offering a referral prize or reward.
  • Be the ‘go to’ source for information – on industry events, on community events, on anything your tribe might be interested in.
  • Don’t be afraid to add color!
  • Add images to highlight different parts of the newsletter.

Whatever you do, the most important thing is that you do something! Keep to a schedule, whatever you feel is appropriate for your comfort level and the comfort level of your circles. Keeping your name and message out on a regular basis is a great way of not getting lost in the pile of solicitations and daily craziness – and when a need comes up that you can fill, your name will be top of mind!

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