4 Reasons Why Print Should Remain Part of Your Marketing Campaign


Arousal of the senses…. Touching, Feeling, smelling, seeing and almost tasting

Print Is Still An Effective Marketing Tool

With the increasing popularity of digital marketing and social media, some might say that print is dead. That rumor started in the 80’s movie Ghostbusters: not exactly scientific reasoning! As long as consumers have senses, supervisors want measurable results, and businesses want to distribute their message in a unique, effective and memorable way; print is here to stay. A marketing campaign should include web, email, social media and print collateral that all work together to put out a branded message.

Print Provides a Feast for the Senses
Print provides what a computer screen cannot–a feast for the senses. Your audience can hold, feel, smell, open, peruse, tote, and share a printed piece. Select the color, weight and texture of the paper, ink, and font—and add a fresh eye-catching design. It’s very important to not skimp on photography: the photos must be high resolution, and they must be relevant, professional and current. At Porath Print Source, we have a full time graphic design staff to help you out!

Print is Trackable
Measuring results and/or conducting market research are often sacrificed when a marketing budget is limited. But, using funds wisely to create an integrated brand campaign with a print piece, HTML emails and digital ads is an effective strategy. And with the ease of URL tracking, your team can create a vanity URL on your print piece and digital ads so you can track exactly how many consumers visit your website as a direct result of those pieces.

Print Is A Critical Part of Your Plan
Especially when it comes to sending a direct mail print piece, it’s generally better for a business to send to a targeted audience rather than spraying the message to everyone. A direct mail piece sent to a targeted list with a special offer or important message will give a high return on your investment. We can help you develop a list or make sure that the list you are using is as up-to-date as possible. Make sure the design on your print piece is unique and sure to catch the consumer’s eye.

Print collateral should be part of an integrated marketing campaign that also includes digital and social media as well as HTML email and direct mail. Planning ahead, strategizing, and using a capable, high-quality design team, such as the staff at Porath Print Source, will help you get the results you want. Remember that the web-based material can be a bit longer, but keep the print beautiful and brief. Contact Porath Print source for all of your printing needs through every step of your campaign!

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