Why You Should Send Out a Newsletter!

Whether you are a business or a non-profit, sending out regular newsletters or updates to your circles – whether they be clients, customers, members, fans, congregants, supporters, etc – is a golden opportunity to keep connection, build your circles, and promote your offerings. There is a lot of variation in newsletters. There is the basic differentiation […]

Solutions – super size your banner!

We’ve seen some big banners around here, but this one topped the charts! RadioActive Electronics of Middlefield, Ohio specializes in wireless audio, video, theater and surveillance systems. How best to highlight that and get eye-catching attention at The Great Big Home & Garden Show at the massive I-X Center? How about a 19′ x 10′ […]

5 Facts About Business Cards That Might Surprise You

Business cards remain one of the clearest ways for a professional to make their name and presence known to people in the world of commerce. Whether attending a professional event or a social meeting, giving your card to someone indicates that you’re interested in connecting. Digital has not killed the business card star:  When MTV […]

4 Reasons Why Print Should Remain Part of Your Marketing Campaign

Print Is Still An Effective Marketing Tool With the increasing popularity of digital marketing and social media, some might say that print is dead. That rumor started in the 80’s movie Ghostbusters: not exactly scientific reasoning! As long as consumers have senses, supervisors want measurable results, and businesses want to distribute their message in a […]