How to keep those New Year’s resolutions!

What’s on your New Year’s resolution list?

New Year’s resolutions. By the time you are reading this, you may have already started and stopped a few. Could it be true that only about 8% of New Year’s resolutions stick?! Here are 8 ideas to help you be in that 8%:

  1. Break down your resolution into doable specific parts. “Lose 10 pounds” does not tell your brain and body what to do to make that a reality. It also doesn’t give suggestions on what to do when confronted with treats or boredom. The more specific of a plan you can develop, the more likely you are to succeed.
  2. Check in regularly – daily, weekly, monthly. Not only will you be reminded of your resolution, but you will be able to see and affirm the progress you are making. You will also have the chance to reaffirm the resolution.
  3. Expect setbacks! Beware of making your resolution an all or nothing. Setbacks and slips happen. If you see it as part of the process, you will be able to stay positive, forgive yourself, and continue on.
  4. Factor in rewards – that don’t negate your goal. Instead of rewarding weight loss with a food treat, think about rewarding yourself with some lotion or tickets to a game. Rewards along the way are important – especially since the end goal is rarely an ‘end.’ The resolution doesn’t end when you lose those 10 pounds – it continues in a different guise. With the long picture in mind, you are more likely to be successful.
  5. Let others know your resolution. Accountability is one good reason – some people find it easier to stick to things just knowing that others know about their resolution. The other reason to let others know is to receive their support and encouragement.
  6. Be realistic. You need to be honest with yourself about what you can do – short term and long term. You might want to run a marathon, but if you’ve never been a runner, chances are that’s not going to happen by this summer. But it may be realistic to run a 5K and build from there. The more realistic your resolution, the more chance of success.
  7. Set aside time throughout the year away from work to refuel and get perspective. This may seem counterintuitive, but can be one of the most effective ways to be productive, have a positive outlook, get energized, and keep resolutions. Creating space in your life to decompress can open up your mind to ideas, creativity, and opportunity.
  8. Delegate tasks that others can do. If you are like most people, you already are crunched for time. Adding something new on top of all of that is never going to work. What can you swap to make time for your new habit?

What can we do to help you keep your resolutions this year? Delegate your printing and mailing projects to us!

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