4 Unique Ways to Increase Your Non-profit’s Fundraising

fundraisingFundraising can be difficult for non-profits at times. At Porath Print Source, we offer products and services that can help your fundraising efforts be more successful from concept to design to print. Here are some tips and out of the box ideas that can help generate more money for your organization.

1. Create and Increase Brand Awareness
As with any business, brand awareness is extremely important to any non-profit. Letting the public know who you are and what you do is imperative to raising money to support your cause. Giving away promotional products is an inexpensive way to build brand awareness. When donors and volunteers use items such as magnets, t-shirts or decals with your logo on them, they send a message to others that they support your cause. In addition to giveaways, selling promotional products online and at events is an effective way to increase brand awareness and raise more money. Potential donors are more likely to donate when they know how they are making a difference. Your success depends on the community knowing who you are and what you do.

2. Creative Book Sales
Creating different books and paper products that resonate with your target audience is a great way to raise money. Creating calendars, recipe books, or a coffee table art book can be fun and effective fundraisers. Ask people associated with your organization to submit pictures, recipes or artwork. Make sure to include your organization’s name, logo, description, and any relevant information to ensure that you have consistent brand image throughout this event. This may also help you get new donors down the line. You can take pre-orders and then sell any leftover calendars or books at events or online.

3. Hold a Charity Ballgame
A charity ballgame is a fun and interactive way to get the community involved! Using programs is an inexpensive way to inform people about you and your mission and you may want to sell ads to help cover costs. Make sure to include all of your important information, as well as thanking all who helped make your event great! You can also have promotional items at the event for giveaways and for sale. To raise extra money, you can have a raffle for some of your larger promotional items using the tickets for the game. You can sell extra raffle tickets too.

4. Card Design Contest
To raise extra money, have a card design contest to go along with a bigger event you may be having, like a run or walk. Ask individuals to submit card designs and post submissions online well before the big event. Allow the public to vote on their favorites and sell cards at the event!

Making your non-profit better at raising money is as simple as branding your organization and thinking outside of the box! By using some of these tips, you can maximize your brand awareness and most importantly, your fundraising efforts. Let Porath Print Source help you with all of your printing needs in order to make your fundraiser successful! Keep up the good work!

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