10 Fundamentals about Fundraising You Didn’t Learn in School

nonprofit_fundraisingSuccessful fund development is not as simple as writing a proposal and getting funds. There is a lot that goes into fundraising that many managers are not aware of. Porath Print Source can help you implement an effective fundraising campaign from concept to designing, printing and mailing. Here are ten fundamentals on fundraising that you ought to bear in mind:

Work in Progress

Do not expect to experience the results of a fundraising project overnight. Patience is a virtue in the business of fund development. It will take some time to convince your donor to disperse a certain amount of funds. Furthermore, it will take even more time to attract donors to be a part of your project. Don’t give up!

Fundraising is Like An Exchange

Donors give in order to help make a difference in a cause they believe in and support. Therefore, donors expect a return on their investment, in the form of assurance that their money was put to good use. When raising funds, you should have a clear plan and statement to demonstrate to donors where their money is going and how it will be put to good use – and then let them know what you did so they will be more likely to give again.

Fundraising Strategies are Different

Design your fund raising strategy to match the goals of your campaign. Put as much effort into the fundraiser as you expect to get out of it. We can help you with mailings, flyers, posters, magnets and more.

Fundraising is a Technical Affair

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel! There is a lot of information available on effective methods to raise money. Spend some time on the internet researching successful fundraising tips and tricks for your particular cause.

Teamwork is Essential in Fundraising

When raising funds, the entire staff of your organization should agree on the strategies employed and ready to work together to achieve the organization’s goals. It may seem obvious, but they should also believe in your organization and the work you do.

Be Consistent in Your Communications

There is nothing donors appreciate more than a person who is consistent in their communication. Express your appreciation, even if your target amount has not been reached. Always keep the communication lines open. Keep donors updated on the challenges you are facing and the progress you have made. Consistent positive communication with your donors will give them confidence to increase their gifts and even recommend you to other donors.

Retain Your Donors

Finding new donors is hard work! You are better off putting good practices in place to retain your existing donors. Stay connected and engages through activities, mailings, phone calls, branded products, etc.

Make Concrete Plans

A successful fundraiser involves a lot of planning. Devise an overarching plan with tasks and timetable to achieve your goals. This will reduce the time wasted on planning your next move. Know the amount you want to raise, the number of donors you expect to have, and your timeframe. We can help you tailor your communications and plans in a way that gets you more funds and donors.

Accept No For an Answer

Even the best plans have the possibility of failure. Your best strategy is to accept approvals and disapprovals in the same spirit. In the case of a “no” from a donor, it will be better to leave a good and lasting impression for any possible referrals or future donations.

The Traits of a Successful Fundraiser

A successful fundraiser team member is one who believes in the goal even if there seems to be no hope of achieving it. They should also believe in their cause wholeheartedly in order to be passionate and energetic during the fundraiser and maintain hope that the cause will succeed.

Fundraising is more of an art than a science. With the right knowledge and attitude, one can go a long way in achieving their goals. At Porath Print Source, we provide you with all the necessary expertise and support to help you succeed in your fundraising efforts.

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