Solutions – moving day boxes

We usually think of giving welcome packages when it comes to moving – but when AnnJoy, one of our awesome sales people, found out that an office building downtown was set to renovate existing offices into apartments and requiring those tenants to move…we decided to do some out-of-the-box thinking and give a pre-moving package instead! […]

How to keep those New Year’s resolutions!

New Year’s resolutions. By the time you are reading this, you may have already started and stopped a few. Could it be true that only about 8% of New Year’s resolutions stick?! Here are 8 ideas to help you be in that 8%: Break down your resolution into doable specific parts. “Lose 10 pounds” does […]

4 Unique Ways to Increase Your Non-profit’s Fundraising

Fundraising can be difficult for non-profits at times. At Porath Print Source, we offer products and services that can help your fundraising efforts be more successful from concept to design to print. Here are some tips and out of the box ideas that can help generate more money for your organization. 1. Create and Increase […]

10 Fundamentals about Fundraising You Didn’t Learn in School

Successful fund development is not as simple as writing a proposal and getting funds. There is a lot that goes into fundraising that many managers are not aware of. Porath Print Source can help you implement an effective fundraising campaign from concept to designing, printing and mailing. Here are ten fundamentals on fundraising that you […]