13 Best Pinterest Boards for Print Campaign Ideas

pinterest2One of the most effective methods to boost a campaign is print. Print is tangible, memorable, and powerful. But where do you start?

Pinterest is a great way to share, gather, and gauge ideas. With your boards, you can share pins from others or make your own pins based on articles, quotes, images and more. Once you gather the ideas for your campaign, Porath Print Source can help you in every step of the process of printing and getting your messages out.

Brilliant Print Campaigns

Create a board of successful print campaigns from other organizations. You never know where a great idea for your own campaign may come from. This may be a board you “hide” from your audience and just keep for yourself and your own brainstorming efforts.


Since over 65% of people are considered “visual learners,” infographics are an excellent form of communication and awareness. Have original and re-pinned infographics and see which ones resonant with your audience. Then, incorporate the most popular into your print campaign, allowing your audience to better remember the information!

Tip of the Day

Create a board that gives a “tip of the day.” People love daily encouragement. Try to relate the tips to your cause and gauge which ones catch the most attention.

Information/Fact Board

One of the most important aspects of a print campaign is to inform the audience. Since you don’t want to overwhelm your audience, it’s best to only include the most important information in a print campaign. So create a board with different facts or interesting information and see which are most shared and interesting to your audience.

Contest Idea Board

People love to participate and love to win. With this board, find out what your target audience would really want out of a contest and the most effective way to use your print campaign to promote participation and your brand at the same time.

Fresh Thoughts/Ideas

One of the main points of Pinterest is to get fresh ideas. Re-pin ideas of like-minded businesses and people (not your competition) and get a fresh perspective for your print campaign ideas!

Humor Board

It’s no secret that people are more likely to pay attention to something if it’s entertaining. People will more likely share your pins if they get entertainment out of them. Create a board of humorous pins and see what gets shared. Make them relatable to your cause, if possible. If you want to add a sense of humor to your print campaign, this is the perfect way to come up with ideas.

Company/Personal Inspiration

Create a board of original images, thoughts, and articles that have inspired people in your field. Mold your print campaign around the most well-received and relatable pins. This will make your campaign more personalized.


Post a quote said by yourself, your hero/mentor, your company/organization, or a public figure. Then attach it with a corresponding image. People respond well to quotes and often find them relatable.

Reasons to Support

This is an important board because it explains to people why to support your cause. This needs to be backed up with a combination of facts and trusted articles. Again, there’s only so much you can add to a print campaign, so find out what is important to your audience.


Based on the fact that most people process information visually, pictures are important. Pin some of your ideas for background graphics for your print campaign and observe responses.

Tell Your Story

Your story is unique; tell it! People want to know how you came to be, your passions, and mission. Who knows, maybe it can become a focal point of one of your print campaigns.


Pinterest is a great place to demo your print campaigns and test their effectiveness. Pin it before you print it!

Print is a vital component to the success of any campaign. With the help of Pinterest and the exchange and feedback of ideas, it can be simple to generate a groundbreaking and successful print campaign. Let Porath Print Source help you with all of your printing needs throughout your campaign. Porath will help make your print campaign professional and distinctive.

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