The Next Big Thing in Fundraising Envelopes

How to Simplify and Improve Church Fund Raising Efforts

One of the most significant challenges that many churches have relates to raising funds. Your church may take numerous steps over the course of a year to raise funds, including passing a basket around for weekly tithing, having donation envelopes available at special events and hosting larger money-raising events at special times throughout the year. In many cases, however, these efforts simply do not raise all of the funds that the church needs to operate and support all of its planned efforts and initiatives. If you are searching for a way to improve the results of your church fund raising efforts, consider how Donate My Share envelopes can make a difference.

Get More Recognition

In order to make your fund raising efforts more effective, you need to get your campaigns noticed. Certainly, when you spend a moment passing a collection bin around during the service, almost each person will physically hold the bin. They are aware of the effort. However, when collection envelopes branded to your church or organization in your choice of color(s) are placed in the pew storage areas, their attention will be drawn to your fund raising effort even before the bin reaches their hands. They will have time to sit and think about the amount of their donation and even to write a check before this moment in the sermon arrives. The envelopes can also be placed in different locations, such as on collection tables at charitable events – printing the envelopes in color makes them eye catching, and using your logo and branding helps to make a stronger connection with your supporters, leading to more donations.

Provide Customized Information on the Envelopes

Donate My Share envelopes can be customized in many ways. They are available in one, two or full color options. You can upload your own design or have our graphic designers create an envelope design using your church or organization’s logo and name, special details about your mission and other messaging. For special events, you can include important information about how the money will be used to help the community or to complete missions that your church has established. This customized information can help others to make the decision to donate funds, and it may also encourage larger donation amounts.

Use Larger and Smaller Envelopes

Another key benefit of Donate My Share envelopes is they are available in different sizes. One size can be used for weekly collection, and a different sized envelope can be left in different areas of the church hall or sanctuary. Donation envelopes can be designed for charitable events or galas and left on banquet tables.

While there are different efforts that you can take to improve the results of your church’s fund raising campaigns, it is important to identify what your main challenges are. If your church is like many others, you may struggle to get participation from most of your church members, or you may struggle to get larger donations. Ordering different sizes of customized envelopes from Donate My Share is a smart idea, and you can customize them in unique ways for various fund raising efforts. Check out our website at to learn more about the envelopes and customization options available!

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