5 Creative ways to use Lawn Signs for your Political Campaign

yardsign-2Whether you are running for political office yourself or you are actively working on a campaign to assist a candidate you believe in and fully endorse, you should be thinking about ordering lawn signs for the campaign. Lawn signs are an effective way to get visibility for your candidate.

The Benefits of Lawn Signs
Lawn signs are among the most commonly used methods for publicity in political campaigns, and they can be used effectively by candidates running for local office as well as a state or national office. There are numerous benefits associated with the use of lawn signs, which is why they are so popular. Among some of the key benefits are their affordability and their mobility. While some yard signs will be placed in residential yards, the campaign organizers can also move them around to different locations as needed. This enables you to stretch your marketing budget while maximizing exposure.

Festivals and Special Events
Because political campaign signs are easy to move around, they are ideal for using at festivals and special events. You can keep an eye on community calendars and consider the flow of traffic to special events and activities that are planned. Placing the signs along major routes to these events is a smart idea, and you may also be able to place them inside the venues if you receive permission from the sponsors to do so.

Roadways Near Major Retail Areas
Another smart idea is to place the signs near major retail areas during strategic times. You should be aware that the public may grow tired of seeing the same signs on a daily basis, and the signs may lose their effectiveness if they are not placed in thoughtful locations and rotated periodically. Signs in major retail areas or along the roads leading to these areas may be most effective when they coincide with sales or promotional events at these venues. If you choose to leave them in place, consider rotating different colors of signs and sign designs periodically so that those who travel more regularly along these roads do not grow bored with them.

Near the Local Airport
You can also consider placing the signs near the local airport. While some people will travel in and out of the airport on a weekly basis, others may only travel through the area once every few months or even less frequently. Signs near the local airport may be seen by many in the city throughout the campaign season, but you may not need to exchange the signs periodically with new designs because they will be viewed less frequently by potentially more people.

With a Sign Spinner
For specific campaign messages, you might consider hiring a sign spinner to stand on a busy street corner during peak traffic times. Sign spinners are effective at getting attention because of their movement. Some may dance with the signs, and others may twirl or spin the signs quickly. Brief pauses in movement by the sign spinners will enable those who are watching the spinner in action to read the signs. Strategic locations for the sign spinners will help your signs to get the visibility you desire for them to be most effective.

When You Order Your Signs
Political signs are an affordable, effective way to get more visibility for your candidate. By adopting some of these tips, you can maximize the benefit that your signs can provide. When you order yard signs, think carefully about how different sizes and colors can be used strategically. When all of the signs in a location are uniform, they will be less likely to garner the attention you desire. In addition, using standard colors like red, white and blue are common, but they may blend into the crowd. Consider using different colors, fonts and designs as well as different sizes of signs. Whether you cluster the signs for impact in one location or place them in a line down the street, this is a great way to improve visibility of your signs and to make them stand out from others. At Porath, we will work with you to develop a signage strategy that will keep your candidate top of mind for voters and make the campaign look very professional in the process.

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