Price or value?

balanceWhich do you put more emphasis on when you are shopping – price or value? For most of us, it’s generally a balance between the two – obviously there’s not one answer that fits every time for every person. I’m generally not going to buy generic peanut butter unless I’m making bird food cakes and it’s a rare budget month that I’m going to buy freshly ground organic peanut butter, but there’s somewhere along that spectrum that both solves my bread spread problem and fits my budget.

When it comes to print, there are so many factors to be considered that price should never be the first question.

A better first question is “This is what I want to accomplish. How can I make it happen?” This leads to a conversation that helps us understand what you really need and work with you to develop potential solutions – some of which may be more economical than you might imagine. I might think I need peanut butter, but if it’s really a bread spread I’m looking for there are a lot of other potentially more satisfying possibilities available.

A benefit to using a local printer over an on-line retailer (shameless plug here!), besides the money you will save on shipping, is that there is often a lot of room for juggling. We often have the situation where we have an overstock of a particular paper that will really make a project standout, or we know an inexpensive alternative to a fancy finish, or have information to reduce mailing costs. Our goal is for your project to fit your various needs in the best way possible.

Another benefit to using a local printer is having someone who can sit and talk with you about your project and really take the time to understand what you need and present you with options – taking into account a multitude of factors (like peanut allergies!).

At Porath, we pride ourselves on thinking holistically about your project. For us, it’s not about the dollars and cents so much as it is about whether we are helping you accomplish your goal in the best way possible. And that just makes sense…and cents!

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