Why Your Church should choose Donate My Share

15699939872_b369d0fb5a_zWith a tremendous variety of products to publicize your place of worship, at prices that won’t make you cringe, you’ll find that Donate My Share has everything your church needs to gain exposure.

Welcome Your Church to the 21st Century

In this technological age, we see increasingly more industries adapting new methods to become user-friendly. But, somehow, churches tend to get left behind, doing things exactly as they have been done for decades. If you’re ready to bring your church into the 21st century, look no further than the many promotional materials offered by Donate My Share. Donate My Share gives your church the ability to include your church’s branding, location, message, and other custom information such as social media presence on everything from brochures to tithing envelopes.

Find All Your Church Promotional Material in One Place

Donate My Share features a wide variety of printed products for churches including donation and tithe envelopes, business cards, pastor pocket cards, bookmarks, brochures, door hangers, welcome cards, and letterhead just to name a few. At Donate My Share, you will find fresh new designs and can affordably work with a graphic designer to create a custom design suited to your church’s specific needs.

Newly Designed Tithing Envelopes Will Have Church Members Singing Praises

Visit our website and check out our awesome collection of colorful, eye-catching donation envelopes. Contained within these small envelopes are the lifeblood of the church. But churches often don’t realize the importance of updating their envelopes. Recognizing that we live in an age where many people don’t carry cash, Donate My Share created a donation envelope with a form for debit or credit donations on the inside flap, providing a rarely seen tithing convenience. Church members will appreciate the flexibility and newly granted ease of giving while offerings will dramatically increase since forgetting cash at home will no longer be an issue.

What Are Customers Saying About Donate My Share?

Our customers praise Donate My Share for our great prices, effective design techniques, and the impact our products have in helping to promote their churches and organizations. Clients have experienced marked increases in weekly giving. Their members love the designs and find that we exceed their expectations for a simple church envelope. Having consistent branding across materials helps our customers feel confident moving into high volume giving seasons, such as during the winter holidays and during fundraising drives. We’ve been told that they “Worked like magic” for increasing giving.

After helping organizations for the past three decades, Donate My Share understands your church’s needs and will help you meet your promotional goals. Order with confidence knowing that a long-time industry player has got your back.

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