Start with the Envelope!

“Start with the envelope!” That’s what Joe, our Millcraft paper rep, said when asked what advice he would give to our customers. “People put so much time and thought into what goes into the envelope and pick the envelope as an afterthought. It’s the first thing people see. If it’s not appealing, they aren’t going to open it up to see what you put into it!” He’s right! Don’t waste precious resources putting together a mailing (and this could be anything from a garden party invitation to a mass mailing) without considering the envelope first.

Here are a few things to think about when you’re sending out a mailing:

  1. Paper! The weight of the paper, the texture, and the color gives clues about what’s inside and whether we want to take the time to open it up.
  2. Color! Not only the color of the envelope – which has the potential to be attention-getting (think bright yellow!) or indicate distinction (think cream), but also using the envelope as an additional canvas for your message.
  3. Call to action! Make sure it is easily seen and read – and make it something unusual that will grab attention (hint, not “Call us today!”)
  4. Windows! Use envelopes with multiple or large windows so you can showcase what’s inside.
  5. Personalize! The more personalized direct mail is, the higher the response rate.
  6. Don’t forget the back! There is a 50% chance that your piece will land right side down. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your message seen!
  7. Think outside the box! Consider an unusual envelope – there are so many options available! There are clear envelopes, non-envelopes, knockout envelopes, readymade envelopes, colorful envelopes… or even… no envelope to name a few.

An additional perk to starting with the envelope is that it will often generate ideas for what’s inside as well.

Here’s a fun experiment: the next time you have a pile of mail to sort through (a regular occurrence for most of us!), close your eyes and divide the pile into two based on how the envelope feels – you might be surprised by how accurate your sense of touch is in determining whether you want to open up a certain envelope.

There are so many options available to make your mailing stand out from the pile, talk to us about what you want to accomplish and we’ll help you get there.

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