Content Marketing 101

“Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world you are one.” (Robert Rose, Content Marketing Institute)

In a nutshell, content marketing is the ability to communicate to your customers and prospects without selling, by providing valuable information.

Here are some steps to follow to build your content marketing strategy.

  1. Determine your measurable content marketing goals. Be specific.  Some goals include: brand awareness, lead generation, engagement, sales, lead nurturing, customer retention and loyalty, customer evangelism, and up-selling and cross-selling.
  2. Know your audience. Don’t stop with the buyer or end user. Think in terms of influencers and social media connections.
  3. Carefully select stories that will resonate with your audience.  Storytelling is effective and memorable.
  4. Establish your audience’s content needs. Based on your history with your customers and prospects, learn what they want to know.
  5. Measure your results, and realize that it takes time for your marketing strategy to be effective.

One of the best ways to create content is through blogging. Other tools in your content marketing kit may include articles, white papers, videos, podcasts, Facebook posts, Tweets, Pins, Instagram posts, webinars and infographics. It is quality rather than quantity that counts here – so don’t worry about doing it all. You need to create enough so that your audience starts at your site and then goes to social networks for more – and finds it compelling enough to share.

Write your story the way you talk. It makes a difference to the search engines if they determine that the author is a real person.  Don’t be shy.  This is the time to publish under your own name, and to share your content on social channels – especially Google+. So, go ahead – show the world that you are a rock star!

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