5 Ways You Can Benefit Using Targeted Direct Mail

Targeted mailingDirect mail is measurable. One of its most appealing aspects is that the advertiser can calculate the return on their advertising investment. Direct mail is used so widely to reach a specific target market because it is the only advertising medium that communicates directly with a specific person or, at least, with a specific household. Here are 5 ways you can benefit using targeted direct mail:

1.  You Can Directly Promote Your Products. Targeted direct mail gives you the opportunity to promote your products and services directly to the customers who most need them. When you invest the time to research and identify the customers who want or need your products or services, your end result will be a mailing that is sent to the groups that will bring in sales.

2.  You Can Set Realistic Sales Goals. By using targeted direct mail you can set realistic sales goals, and, at the same time, boost your sales results while adhering to a tight marketing budget. This type of marketing campaign can be extremely effective at a fraction of the cost of any other type of marketing.

3.  You can Achieve Relationship Building. Targeted direct mailings become relationship-building campaigns with customers you may not have heard from in awhile. Generally, when people are familiar with you, they welcome the contact.

By personalizing promotions, letters, and offers, a link is created between you and your customer, which increases their personal connection to your business.

Many businesses take it one step further and combine direct marketing with customer loyalty strategies such as sending birthday cards, discount offers, and invitations to sales events. For a successful direct mail promotion, it is most important to maintain reliable customer records.

This is also a way to re-establish relationships with those customers you haven’t heard from in a while. If they have moved on, this could be a way to learn why this has happened.

4.  You Can Get Direct Feedback.  Direct approaches give you direct feedback.  It is a great way to gauge reactions to your products or services. You can measure the effectiveness of your advertising tactics, and make adjustments accordingly.  By closely monitoring each direct marketing campaign and reviewing the results, you have the basis for improved success on your next campaign. A popular example is that of a company mailing out 100 catalogues with a discount coupon.  If 20 customers bring the coupon into your business, you have had a 20% response rate.  But, ultimately the success is based on how much those 20 customers spend weighed against the cost of producing and mailing the catalogue.

5.  You Can Create New Business. First of all, by using specific techniques for finding new customers, you can turn new customer prospects into new customers. Remember that most of these prospects are also being marketed by your competition. Make your direct mailing piece stand out from all the rest by adding some fun facts about your company or locale and make it graphically appealing.  Get their attention fast and early on.  Secondly, the powerful word-of-mouth comes into play here. An exciting, appealing direct mail campaign will provide your customers with information about your products or services that they will be eager to share with their family, friends or colleagues. This can generate quality leads for your business.

On a light note, the benefits of a targeted direct mail campaign can be summed up by turning around a famous one-liner written by Scott Adams in his Dilbert cartoon.  Dilbert said, “I get mail, therefore I am.”

Your mantra can be, “I send direct mail, therefore I am….”

For more information, or to get started on your direct mail campaign, contact Porath Print Source at 216-626-0060. We’re “your one source for anything printed”… including direct mail!

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