Social Media: what’s the big deal? part 1

Unless you live on another planet, you know that social media is taking the world by storm. Did you know that if Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd most populated in the world, even ahead of the United States? Only China and India are more populated. If you think Facebook is only for personal use, think again. More and more businesses are embracing social media as an essential component in their marketing plan.

So what’s the big deal about social media and why are businesses catching on to this phenomenon?

Social media helps businesses with branding. Branding involves all of the identifiable aspects of whatever is being marketed – logos, colors, quality, emotion, message, etc.  Being on social media exposes your brand to…well, essentially…the world. No other advertising vehicle offers that much global reach at the low cost of social media marketing.

Being on social media doesn’t mean you have to be ready to sell to the whole world!  It does, however, give you the opportunity to be connected with a vast audience, allowing you to share valuable information, build a community of like-minded people, and explore what others in your field are doing. This allows you and your brand to be seen as an expert in the eyes of your competitors and colleagues and as a source of valuable information to your customers, prospects, and the general public.

Social media also allows you to build relationships and ‘humanize’ your brand by engaging with your followers and those who have ‘liked’ your page. More and more businesses are using social media as a customer service tool as it enables them to instantly respond to feedback, complaints, and praise online.

Guest blogger:

Simone Cameron,
The Annek Group

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