What do Certain Colors Mean?




What do Certain Colors Mean? Color is a powerful psychological trigger. It creates strong emotions. Here are some popular colors and the emotions they typically generate:






  • Love, warmth, excitement, passion, known internationally as a buying color.
  • Attention getter.
  • In small amounts it is the best color to stimulate sales, but in large amounts can turn off more subtle customers. Works best to draw attention to a specific message or area you want customers to focus on
  • Negative: danger, anger


  • Power, professionalism, trustworthiness, calm
  • Best seller and most favorite color for people throughout the world.
  • Considered the color of communication, tranquility and peacefulness – dark blue leads to authority and power
  • Negative: boredom, sadness


  • Nature, life, money, relaxing
  • Considered a passive, not a stimulating color
  • Negative: decay, toxicity, illness


  • Affordability, creativity, fun, youth
  • Might be the most irritating color and least favorite in the world.
  • Direct mail marketers tend to use on envelopes to draw attention to a product they are selling.
  • Associated with affordability.
  • An attention grabber, but best used sparingly or as an accent color
  • Negative: lack of quality, cheap


  • Royalty, luxurious, fantasy, dreams
  • People either love It or hate it
  • Negative: nightmare, craziness


  • First color seen by the retina
  • Good focus or attention-getting color and good accent when used in moderation


  • Denotes traditional or natural values.
  • Light shades are associated with affordability, dark shades are associated with opulence and richness.
  • Relaxing and casual

Since there are positive and negative associations with color, don’t overdo any single color. Using a combination of colors or a color scheme is best. Use one dominant color with the other colors drawing the eyes to particular areas of the page. For a harmonious feel, choose from the same family as your dominant color. Pick 2 or 3 colors in different shades of the same color for a brighter image. Choose complementary colors – colors opposite each other on the color wheel. One study showed the color combination with the most powerful psychological effect was yellow title, white text on a dark blue background.  Research commissioned by Pitney Bowes (Color Makes a Noticeable Difference, July 27, 2010 ) found participants were 69% more likely to open a piece of mail with color text and graphics printed on the front of the envelope. Contact Porath Print Source at 216-626-0060 or visit our website at www.porathprintsource.com .

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