The Importance of Color in Printing

When it comes to promotional materials, poor color decisions can be worse than no color at all. Here are a few tips to ensure your colorful printed pieces are a success: Colors can appear to change when placed next to other colors. To make sure you are making the best choice, view the colors you […]

What do Certain Colors Mean?

    What do Certain Colors Mean? Color is a powerful psychological trigger. It creates strong emotions. Here are some popular colors and the emotions they typically generate:         RED: Love, warmth, excitement, passion, known internationally as a buying color. Attention getter. In small amounts it is the best color to stimulate […]

Sex Sells

“Sexy” has become one of the most popular words in marketing. While the word typically refers to attributes that attract attention, the same concept holds true in marketing. Think about marketing materials that attract and demand attention. Have you ever seen a billboard with a compelling message that made you look twice? Or how about […]